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Math homework solver privacy policy

Mathhomeworksolver.com uses this privacy policy to explain how the information collected from students is used. We know how sensitive personal details are. However, we have put the right systems to ensure that all the information in our possession is safe. We do not share the details of our clients with third parties unless under some circumstances, which we will highlight below.

Privacy policy

Mathhomeworksolver.com is the sole owner of this privacy policy. We, therefore, hold the right to remove, change or modify a section or the whole policy without informing or seeking permission from anyone. This policy has all the information about how we use the information we collect from you. Therefore, read and understand every section of this policy. Additionally, visit this section from time to time to ensure that you familiarize yourself with any changes that may have been made. Note that this privacy policy will apply in our service delivery and therefore, if there is any area of this policy that you do not understand, contact us for clarification. We are committed to delivering the best service.

Client information

We ask for your information to use for different purposes when delivering a service to you. However, we ask for general information from you. We only ask for details such as your full names, work details, and email address. If you have a different communication method, you can also give it to us if we want to reach out to you. We only ask for information that we find helpful when delivering a service to our clients. Note that we will never ask for personal details such as pins and passwords.

Use of the information we collect from you

We use the information we get from you for the following purposes;

Contacting you. When working on your order and we need to contact you for any reason, we use the details you have given us to contact you.

For statistical purposes. We can use the information to check how our business is doing. We always want to know whether we are hitting our targets or not.

We also use the information you send to us to inform you of any additional services that we think would be important to you.

Circumstances that can force us to share your information with a third party

The policy of this platform is that we will never share our client information with third parties. However, some circumstances are beyond us, forcing us to share such information. Such circumstances include;

When the information is required by a government agency such as a court of law, the information is required by a law enforcement agency, and we cannot stop them from obtaining it because the law governs this website.

We can also share your information if we suspect an attack, and we opt to secure your information by passing it to our security providers.

Our updating the platform system, your information can be accessed by our service providers. However, they all know the company policy and are closely supervised.


Our website uses cookies. We use cookies to know your preference on our website. It’s important to know that cookies do not collect your personal information. You can choose to accept these cookies or not. Whether you accept the cookies or not, you will still get the service you are looking for. Additionally, if you have accepted the cookies, you can disable them. Cookies are only made to improve our interaction with you.

Information security

The security of our clients' information is our number one priority. We have put many measures to ensure no loss, change, or misuse of information. All our employees are aware of the importance of confidentiality as well. We are also aware that no security system is perfect, so we are not entirely comfortable with what we have. We work hard to ensure that we constantly improve what we have. We have a partnership with the best security providers, and therefore, any attempted breach is identified before any damage.

Third-party website links

Our website may contain links to other websites. If you click those links, you will be redirected to another website. Note that we do not share the same privacy policy as those websites. Therefore, if you have to use their services, ensure that you read and understand their privacy policy. Note that we will not be held accountable for any losses that may arise from using another website. We, therefore, encourage all our clients to avoid other website links, and if they have to use them, they ensure that they understand the privacy policy of those websites.