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Math homework solver refund policy

Mathhomeworksolver.com has a fully working refund policy. This policy applies to all our clients and explains when you can seek a refund from us. Different circumstances can lead a client to opt to seek a refund. This policy will help our clients know the procedure to follow when seeking a refund. This should give you the confidence when hiring us to do your homework. We are committed to ensuring that all the contracts with you are fulfilled on time.

Our refund policy

We have a fully functional refund policy. Our service requires our clients to have full trust in the services offered and the safety of the payments they make for the same. To ensure this security, we came up with this refund policy which students can refer to from time to time. Note that we can update this refund policy from time to time, and therefore it is important for students to keep on checking for any updates. We are committed to ensuring that your homework is completed on time and according to the instructions. If we fail to complete your math homework on time based on the contract, you can seek a refund. To seek a refund from us, you must prove a breach of contract from our end. If your claims are proven, then we will initiate the process of refunding the funds. Note that the refunds are sent back to the same account used to pay for the service. However, we ensure that we do all tasks as instructed to avoid such circumstances.

When a client qualifies for a refund

If you make two payments for the same homework, you qualify for a refund. There are times when a client can make two payments mistakenly. In such a case it’s our obligation to refund the extra payment. A client can opt to use the payment for another service here. However, if they prefer a refund, we initiate the refund process immediately.

If a client cancels an order before it is assigned to a writer, they qualify for a refund. That must happen within 30 minutes after placing the order in such a case. Note that the same does not apply to a task labeled as urgent.

If we fail to get an expert to do your work within three hours after placing your order, we will notify you and immediately start the process of refunding you. However, this is rare because we first confirm the availability of our experts before accepting any order.

Cancellation of an order

A client or we can do the cancellation of a task. We can cancel a contract from you if we notice that the money you used to pay us was proceeds of money laundering or crime. In such a case, we will not accept the payment, and the same will be reported to law enforcement agencies. We can also cancel an order with you if we notice that you use our website for activities other than what we allow. Note that you will be liable for any losses that may occur in all these cases. This website offers its services according to the law. From your side, you can cancel an order based on different factors, which you will be required to state during the cancellation of the order.